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Southeast LinuxFest takes place in a central area of the southeastern US (so far, South Carolina) each June, starting in 2009. While they have been asked whether they will have a Women in Open Source track or Diversity in Open Source Workshop, they have stated that they would prefer that they make minorities feel welcome and involved in every part of the conference, such that one is unnecessary. And it was noted by bloggers that their inaugural 2009 event had "noticeably more [women] than other Linux events [that] I’ve attended, it was very encouraging."

Yes, they have t-shirts available in women's sizes.

Women who have spoken or are scheduled to speak at Southeast LinuxFest include:

In 2016 the conference included a talk by Paul M Jones, a highly divisive and political figure in the PHP community known for his political conservatism and his very vocal stance against codes of conduct. The talk that Jones gave was entitled "Your Project Needs a Code of Conduct, OR ELSE" (slides here) and focused on specific tactics for countering efforts on the part of open source communities to adopt codes of conduct, with a specific focus on Coraline Ada Ehmke and her Contributor Covenant.


In 2010 there was an instance of Sexual assault at Southeast LinuxFest. Organizers solicited the women involved for input on how to handle things better in the future.


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