The Men's Rights Movement (MRM), better known as Men's Rights Advocacy (MRA), is an antifeminist movement that claims to seek equal treatment between the sexes, but mostly focuses on antifeminism and deriding women, especially women's rights activists. Men's rights advocacy' (MRA) is centered around a group of misogynistic blogs and forums usually dubbed as the "manosphere".   

What most people refer to with the term are the self-described "men's rights advocates", most of whom are acting to further solidify their privilege and push an agenda of inequality. Just like how Ayn Rand's philosophy allows billionaires to feel like victims, MRA does the same for (almost exclusively white, heterosexual, cisgender, first world) men within the very few places that discrimination may happen. Their arguments only incorporate male perspectives, and criticism is met with accusations of power grabbing by a "feminist conspiracy" to "emasculate" them.

MRAs often crop up in feminist forums to derail topics to focus on men regardless of comparable severity (for example, derailing a discussion on rape to deliberately conflate the issue with the tiny number of false accusations, or a discussion about street harassment to focus on how men have their feelings hurt by female strangers avoiding them on the street). To them, men and the few injustices against them are the only important topic worth discussing.



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