Penguicon is a convention of Science Fiction, Open Source Software, gaming, new media, and every geek interest. In 2014, they had 1,377 atttendees[1].

Women involved


As can be seen on the convention organizer site, a significant percentage of Penguicon organizers are women - they have been the majority on the Convention Committee since 2012. In 2015, they include:

Programming staff for 2015 include:

Other women in programming staff include:

Guests of Honor

Women Guests of Honor at Penguicon have included:

Women "Nifty Guests" have included:







Code of Conduct

Penguicon has changed its code of conduct to reflect the consent issues that have caused problems at other conventions, specifically indicating what Penguicon considers harassment, where people can go for help, and what Penguicon staff will do in those cases. This code of conduct is posted on their web site, appeared in their 2014 Souvenir book, and has been referenced multiple times on their official Facebook group.

In addition, posters were hung at various high-visibility locations in the hotel during the convention to remind people to "Ask First".


The Open Source Boob Project incident occurred at PenguiCon 2008. According to attendees, it was a small activity that was hardly noticable to most people there. However, there was an enormous reaction on the web, much of which is documented in the aforelinked OSBP page.

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