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Title Gender and Technology Institute - Asia
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2017/04/24
End 2017/04/27
Scale Regional
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Organisation Tactical Tech with partners ARROW

Target audience Women activists, women human rights defenders, journalists, artists, lawyers.
Number of participants 25
Context and motivations The objective of this GTI was to:

• Offer practical support and training to enable activists in movements to be confident and skilled in their use of technology for activism in the face of online harassment. • Contextualise and localise how digital technologies are implicated in gender and sexuality rights, and freedom of expression, along with online and offline participation, particularly for women and women identified people in South and South East Asia. • Widen the existing global GTI network to include communities, movements and individuals working in South and South East Asia. • Contribute local perspectives to Tactical Tech's on going documentation around what security and privacy mean from a gender perspective.

Topics privacy advocacy, digital security, gender and tech, holistic security
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Agenda The four day training included multiple sessions based on three themes: Holistic Security, Politics of Data and Gender and Tech.

Sessions included: Feminist Principles of the Internet, How the internet works, risk assessment and Online Gender Based violence to name a few.