Holistic digital security training for women journalists, Mexico

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Title Training for women journalists with a holistic perspective
Category Digital Security
Start 2015/03/01
End 2015/05/01
Scale Mexico
Geolocalization 19° 22' 24", -99° 6' 28"
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Organisation ADA community space
Website www.ada.org.mx
Target audience Journalists in colaboration with anonymous ONG
Number of participants 12
Context and motivations The risks their work involves them
Topics DST, Mexico, Holistic, feminism, Spanish
Links By the nature of the activity carried out as journalists can not give many details.
Media [[File:]]
Agenda The workshop consisted of the use of encrypted email, encrypted instant messaging, anonymous surfing with Tails and use of VPN. And a monitoring process for two months.
Methodologies Holistic security

Popular education (Freire)

Gendersec Security in the box
Feelings I was touched to be able to connect with these journalists on a more human sense
Feedbacks The generation of safe spaces where people can discuss their feelings allows for better learning the tools
Start Always use a holistic view
Stop Forget address the feelings within workshops
Keep Using the techniques of popular education and the feminist perspective