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Title Building feminist infrastructure
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2018/03/07
End 2018/03/07
Hours 1
Scale World level for international activities
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Website Various feminist infrastructure initiatives
Target audience Funders, Trainers digsec, WHRD, women activists, women developers, LGTIQ
Number of participants 40
Context and motivations This session was a follow up to a pre-IFF gathering of feminist hosting providers. This session is a chance to engage with broader conversations about the directions, challenges and hopes for feminist infrastructure. The types of activities, campaigns and organizations that feminist infrastructure providers support are on the front lines of repression, violence and surveillance. Not only are feminist infrastructure providers working on mission critical communications and technical support projects for at-risk users and organizations, the women and non-binary people responsible for the servers, access and technical skills are themselves often working in oppressive conditions, both offline and online. Through sharing and mapping, we’ll use the session to outline strategies for nurturing solidarity and mentorship within nodes of feminist infrastructure projects and explore opportunities for existing services and organizational sustainability.

The session was attended by 40 persons more or less that were curious about the concept of feminist infrastructure and the current scene of feminist initiatives that are building it. The session presented several initiatives: systerserver, anarchaserver, vedetas, cl4ndestina, kefir, colnodo, codigo sur. We had a collective conversation about our aims, publics, communities, potential and challenges.

Topics infrastructure, feminist infrastructure, autonomous and feminists servers, sustainability, potential, challenges
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