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Title Workshop: Safer Nudes @HTMLLES Festival, Montreal - Canada
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2016/12/07
End 2016/12/07
Scale World level for international activities
Geolocalization 45° 30' 5", -73° 34' 2"
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Organisation Coding Rights
Target audience HTMlles Festival participants
Number of participants 15
Context and motivations Since the leaks of nudes and the numerous cases of revenge porn start to become everyday news, we've witnessed all kinds of narratives about it. The vast majority of them are paternalistic, patronizing pieces that ultimately state that sending nudes is irresponsible and unsafe. In this guide, we will try to confront this narrative and introduce the "Send Nudes!" project, a guide to digital security for sharing intimate images that does not base itself on slutshaming, but on a pro-sex attitude. This project aimed to call the attention to how
learning to send nudes through the internet in a safer way can be a practice of self-determination for us as sexual bodies and internet users. More than protection, we need to spread knowledge about daily practices and actions that can work towards shifting perspectives about gender roles and digital rights.
Topics Nudes, Digital Security, Privacy

Media Ap-1-nudes.ppt.pdf
Agenda 2:40 - 2:45

5 min ::: presentation We will present ourselves and Coding Rights.

2:45 - 2:55 10 min :: presentation - we ask them to present themselves saying the name or nickname, their field study/work and why they r here.

2:55 - 3:00 05 min :: presenting the Nudes Zine project: why we did it.

- "manda nudes", meme brazil 2015. we export the image of sexy women but censor and kill women.

- The expression “Send Nudes!” went viral in 2015 in Brazil.2 The common perception of nudes is that they are taken by young girls with low self-esteem, pressured by some boyfriend or her social3 network, and that eventually she will be the target of slut shaming, exposure, or online violence. Nudies are understood as something you just should not do. If you are a woman who deliberately sends it, you are an attention whore. If you are fat, trans, or anyone who is beyond the traditional standards of what is visible in the mainstream media, you are labeled as ugly, disgusting, or a freak.

- critical texts about selfies and nudes were usually judgemental and patronizing. mainstream opinion is that they'r sent by girls who don't know better.

- Tried to create counterspeech to this narrative, affirming that "Nudes can be an act of self-determination and also an act of pleasurable resistance against racism, sexism, machismo,conservatism and heteronormativity" and that there are tools and strategies that can help us to use technologies on our own favour, while also exercisingself-determination and consent in the digital context.

3:00 - 3:05 05 min: Privacy and Digital Security

- One of the most important things about "digital security" is identigfying the potential threat. In the case of Nudes, the main threat is the leak of the intimate images against our will and normaally it will leak through the person you have talked to/

. But there are also other violations of our consent that happen without us noticing most of the times – those are practiced by services and companies. - Privacidade. Direito de escolher o que se compartilha e com quem quiser. Não deveria, mas a garantia de seu exercício depende de alguns conhecimentos tecnicos.... - Some say that the internet has turned privacy into an outdated idea. However, we still see people who challenge gender normativity being targets of revenge porn, as well as offline and online bullying. Most of the time, these attacks take advantage of the amount of data we leave as footprints when we use the internet. The ideas of caring about our privacy and sending nudes may seem contradictory, but they are not. Privacy is the power to choose who has access to our personal information and under what circumstances. In an online environment, it is deeply related to the choices of the communication technologies we use.

3:05 - 3:10 05 min: Revenge Porn, privacy rights A vigança porno é usado como arma contra o direito da sexualidade feminina, a mulher que se expoe é a culpada pela exposição. Mulher que gosta de sexo é vagabunda, enquanto homem é garanhao. Nudes seguro é uma pauta feminista e mulheres precisam falar de seg digital.

3:10 - 3:40 30 min : how the image travel from one mobile to another? Com as imagens na mão pedir para a galera montar o percurso que a mensagem faz: mobile, isp, mobile tower, server of google. Explain the main vulnerabilities HTTP, wifi routers and imsi catchers, cloud server, Metadata.

3:40 - 4:00 20 min: mobile vunerabilities in layers: layers: apps, middleware, OS, hardware - easy to loose, easy to be stolen

show metadata: camera V - CameraV: tracking movement, light, compass, temperature, location, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, celular network information - to verify date, time, location + digital signature and encryption

4:00- 4:10 10 min: Bodies

  • One of the key principles of Safer Nudes is self-enjoyment. It doesn't need to follow the mainstream porn codes – the idea is right the contrary.
  • We also think of it in a postporn key, where pornography is used as a political tool for resistance, and appropriation of the farmaco-pronographic technologies of identity production. It is based on an idea of multiplication and distortion of the norms of sexual visibility.
  • Politically, we think making selfies and nudies can really be a tool for self-knowledge, something that allows people to discover the many ways their bodies can be represented in a way they like, with images they produce. Pleasurable resistance.
  • In terms of making it SAFER, so we avoid having such images published when we don't want them to be published, we would recommend taking as many pictures as we need untill we find our favorite angles, and if you are planning to share them, specially with people you don't trust, avoid showing tattos, birthmarks, furniture and other elements that can connect that image to your identity. Images that avoid showing faces, tattoos, birthmarks, scars, furniture etc...

4:10 - 4:20 Break: Internet, Internet, Internet.... (take pictures)

4:20 - 4:50 30 min: so, what can I do to send safer nudes? Mobile encryption. senhas About conection and metadata: VPN, Orbot, Obscuracam, Photo Exif Editor (available for iPhone and Android). About keeping photos safe: Secrecy

Chat APPs diference between apps (telegram, whatsapp, signal) Ephemeral and locked : why not use whatsapp and facebook. KeepSafe to lock our gallery photo

Confide as option.
    self-destruction messages
    end-to-end encrypted
    drag finger down
    msgs cannot be saved or forwarded


30 min: lets play get one of the emails in the screen, create your account using another identity, send your secret message, photo or nudes to someone in the list. >> pensei em ja criar esses emails temporarios, para facilitar a brincadeira, assim eles precisam so escolher um email para ser o perfil e outro para mandar.

To instal and sign up: > email address or phone number is required > provides you free, completely anonymous one-time email addresses. Acquire one in our web interface and use it to receive emails up to the next day. Check for new emails in your browser.

> Lista de emails

> Não add telefone > Confirmar email abrindo no link q foi junto com o email > no not allow access to contacts - "continue without contacts" > Set Passworld Lock > send msg to:

   email from the list    
   not possible to find though user names

> ready to send nudes > you can change your name once > About Sent Message history - only for mobile, just for msgs (no photos, docs or audio), encrypted and stored locally in your device, deleted after your read a new msg or 48hs. >Premium

- allows retract (un-send)    

5:20 - 5:30 - Conclusion: Talk to people about it. Some provokative questions: How was the experience of sending nudes or secret messages? What can we do after these images are leaked? In your opinion the expereince can be different in context other cultures? >> se tiver varias estrangeiras

Gendersec Hands On How the internet works, Threat analysis - Information Mapping I,
Feelings <3
Feedbacks super positive
Start getting people to interact more with each other BEFORE we propose the anonymous mail activity