FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, Argentina

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Title f3mhack, privacy and digital security training for feminist & LGTBQIA activists, Buenos Aires City, Argentina
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/06/23
End 2015/06/23
Hours 8
Scale City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Geolocalization -36° 1' 53", -57° 7' 43"
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Organisation Tes, hacktivist & Intui, feminist & LGTBQIA activist (HACKELARRE)
Website http://www.tierra-violeta.com.ar/
Target audience First event is open with a feminist focus.Our main target are Feminist collectives and queer, trans, cis women & women of colour from Buenos Aires. Also anybody who approaches to the Hackelarre with interest in self-learning and in line with the guidelines of the event.
Number of participants 25
Context and motivations Lots of interest, lack of spaces and understanding on encryption tools led us to think together and plan a space that would meet these interests with a consideration of what the specific needs of the community are.

We opened the floor to think specifically about obstacles and proposals for technology for this community.

A need to think politically about technology and the need to think of Software Libre as a tool for liberation and organization.

Topics Digital security and privacy with a gender focus, GPG, alternative emails, Software Libre.
Links Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
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Agenda 23rd of May, 10-18hs Tierra Violeta Cultural Centre

10-11.30pm Discussion of specific tech needs & experiences of feminist & LGTBQIA community members present.

11.30-13hs presentation of privacy & surveillance issues, and how internet works/ how email works & GPG.

13-14hs vegan & vegetarian lunch and drinks.

14-17.30hs Feminist Hackerspace

- migration to riseup/openmailbox,

- installation of Thunderbird with Enigmail

- generation of key pairs

- testing and verification.

17.30hs + - Closing circle & feedback.

Methodologies Hacklab organisation & ideology

Feminist pedagogy

Resources Security in a Box,

EFF, Email Self Defense, Floss Manuals, Safe Hub Collective, HackLab Coop, Hacktivist Tool kit, THF blog, FOSSBOX, Prism SL Tool alternatives, APC toolkit, Witness.org

Gendersec Security in the box
Feelings Lots of new & reconnected feelings around the meeting of different values in open space.

Shared spaces create a meeting of minds, differing opinions about political meaning of technology.

Conflicted feelings around inclusiveness of cis men in feminist spaces / non-inclusiveness of cis-men's opinions and voices.

Feedbacks Very specific feedback and needs for future meetings:

- Need for tools to perform secure erase of data.

- Need to construct open access libraries outside of existing structures which have limited access for many communities, especially those outside traditional institutional spaces.

- The need to use search engines which do not 'profile' users or perform censorship in order to reach wider info. Different experiences of information available when using TOR.

-The interest on knowing how to create different identities online (the way on how to separate them and not giving up our real identity)

-Interest on feminist libraries online with bibliography on the main subjects of interests.

-Getting to know alternatives of Free Software of main applicatives used on the computer

General feedback:

- What happens in open spaces vs closed spaces? Do women and LGTBQIA folk need their own spaces and their own approaches to technology and learning?

Start Creating spaces to generate access and empowerment around technology.

Motivating from joy not fear. Appropiate new knowledge and make it ours.

Stop Fearing what we do not know :)
Keep Being positive about each other's knowledge. Legitimising our existing "abilities". Growing together. Creating positive dialogue and learning new tools and foundations for knowledge.