FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, La Plata, Argentina

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Title FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, La Plata, Argentina
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/05/30
End 2015/05/30
Hours 8
Scale La Plata, Argentina
Geolocalization -37° 19' 37", -58° 22' 43"
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Organisation Tes, hacktivist & Intui, feminist & LGTBQIA activist (HACKELARRE)
Website http://anred.org/IMG/pdf/doc_campana_contra_las_violencias.pdf
Target audience This is a closed event for specific feminist & LGTBQIA activists from the Campaign against Violence (a conglomerate front of activist organisations committed to work against gender based violence).
Number of participants 23
Context and motivations Lots of interest, lack of spaces and tools led us to think together and plan a space that would meet these needs with a consideration of what the specific needs of the community are.

We opened the floor to think specifically about obstacles and proposals for technology for this community.

A need to think politically about technology and the need to think of Software Libre and Opensource Technology as a tool for liberation and organization.

Topics Digital security and privacy with a gender focus, feminist approaches to tech, alternative emails, Software Libre, mobile security.
Links Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
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Agenda 30th of May, 10-18hs Awkache Cultural Centre

10-12.30pm Discussion of specific tech needs & experiences of feminist & LGTBQIA community members present, with two exercises using specific risk analysis mapping (personal and in groups).

12.30-14hs Presentation about ICT as a "new space for gender based violence", risks and strategies.

14-14.30hs vegan & vegetarian lunch and drinks.

14.30-17.30hs Feminist Hackerspace

- Working with installing TextSecure / Surespot for secure on the run organising.

- Secure passwords and Keypass to keep phones & computers safe.

- How do we find the information and guides we need (Tor, StartPage, Reddit) while avoiding triggers and sexism.

17.30hs + - Closing circle & feedback.

Methodologies Hackerspace organisation & ideology

Feminist pedagogy

Resources Security in a Box,

EFF, Email Self Defense, Floss Manuals, Safe Hub Collective, HackLab Coop, Hacktivist Tool kit, THF blog, FOSSBOX, Prism SL Tool alternatives, APC toolkit, Witness.org

Gendersec Security in the box
Feelings Lots of opening up about technophobia & surveillance fears.

Feelings around convincing other activists in organisations to use the tools, what kind of spaces are needed.

Worried about many urgent situations leading us to use easy solutions rather than complete ones.

Feedbacks Specific feedback:

- Need for ongoing training good digital security tools when "on the run" (mobiles), need to create spaces to "slow down and learn" outside of urgent organisational moments.

- Not just technological knowledge is needed, also strategies and tactics in relation to informational security, and managing networks which are distributed physically with a great variety in levels of understanding and access to technology.

- Need for restructuring of approach to ITC in relation to media's violent culture towards women and girls. Mothers we work with worried about daughters uploading pictures to Facebook in case something happens to them. A whole new approach needed in relation to the way we think about networks, how women and girls use technology, spaces which allow us to have empowering new approaches to technology at all income levels.

- Spaces where we learn without "experts" are great! So much unlearning to do.

General feedback:

- Where does the anxiety around technolgy come from? How do we overcome it?

Start Creating spaces to generate access and empowerment around technology.

Motivating from joy not fear. Appropiate new knowledge and make it ours.

Stop Fearing what we do not know :)
Keep Being positive about each other's knowledge. Legitimising our existing "abilities". Growing together. Creating positive dialogue and learning new tools and foundations for knowledge.