Slashdot is a technology news site founded in the late 90s. Many people believe that Slashdot and the community of commenters there are sexist.


  • Invisibility -- the readership are assumed to be male geeks, and women are frequently excluded in the language of articles
  • Pigeonholing -- many articles pigeonhole women's contributions
  • Essentialism -- many articles support the idea of innate differences between men and women when it comes to technical ability
  • Online harrassment, Body image, Sexualized environment: comment threads, in particular, can be harrassing to women and often focus on their sexual availability or attractiveness

Slashdot articles about women

"which no geek argues with in theory, we just never be able to find girl geeks of our own ;)" -- because all geeks are straight men, of course.

Sexist articles on Slashdot

"Most recipes are designed for women, and their funny way of looking at the world. These are very different and instantly understandable for tech geeks like us." -- "tech geeks" are by definition men, of course.
"Now I'm sure that no Slashdot reader will intentionally watch any "sport" that has judges determine the winner, but their wives/girlfriends might seize control of the remote because they want to know who is the best at that ribbon-twirling thing." -- again, "we" are men.

Articles about sexism on Slashdot

"A few months ago, an article of mine was Slashdotted. But instead of resulting in a lively debate about technology and social justice, it instead produced a popular thread in the "comments" area about whether I was too fat to be considered attractive. At that point, I vowed to stop reading Slashdot."
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