Campaign Zero Trollerance, Internet

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Title The Zero Trollerance Campaign
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2015/04/13
End 2015/04/17
Scale Internet
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Organisation Person(s), organization(s)
Target audience Trolls and targets of trolling, the aim was to raise awareness about online misoginy
Number of participants 1000
Context and motivations This campaign was inspired by debates and exchanges regarding gender based online violence and trolling that took place during the GTI and were informed by participants experiences. This initiative was designed by a facilitator of the institute in partnership with the Peng collective which is a Berlin based communication group. The initiative was widely supported and relayed by many participants to the GTI. As explained in their website in a humoristic manner: “Hate has always been a part of the Internet and the intentional harassment of other people (termed trolling) has too. But the gendered forms of harassment and violence on Twitter today point to a deeper problem in society that cannot be solved by technical solutions alone. Trolls need serious, practical help to overcome their sexism, deal with their anger issues and change their behavior”.
Topics trolls, online harassment, online misoginy, counterspeech, feminism, humour

Media Zerotrollerance.png
Methodologies The campaign enabled you to send to your Twitter trolls links to individual videos or to the main website. The campaign involved 160 talking bots that enrolled 3,000 identified trolls in the ‘self-help program’, and then sent them humorous motivational messages and video clips over a period of one week. This initiative received a wide media and press coverage contributing actively in making more visible the problem of gender based online violence and misogyny taking place on social media platforms such as Twitter.
Resources Videos of the six step programː

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