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Title How ICT's Can Help Prevent Violence Against Women
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2016/07/15
End 2016/07/15
Hours 1
Scale World level for international activities
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Organisation Womanity Foundation, Global Tech Women Voices Conference
Target audience academics, activists, WHRD, tech companies
Number of participants 35
Context and motivations One in every four women will experience domestic violence at the hands of a partner in their lifetime. Women aged 15–44, across all cultures, are more at risk of rape and other acts of violence, than cancer, malaria, motor accidents, or acts of war, according to the World Bank. The root cause of violence against women (VAW) is gender inequality, leading to unequal power relationships.

The Womanity Foundation’s Award for the Prevention of Violence Against Women was developed in 2013 and supports collaboration between organisations seeking to prevent gender-based violence, and aims to break down barriers that such organisations face. The Award helps an Innovation Partner that has developed an already successful approach to prevent VAW to increase their reach; whilst their designated Scale-Up Partner is receiving support to adapt and deliver that project in their own location. The partnership lasts for three years.

In May 2016, the Womanity Award will be given to two partners who harness ICT to prevent violence against women. These technologies might include phone apps, video games, urban mapping, internet security training, internet TV, feminist servers, and e-learning platforms, among others.

Simultaneously, The Womanity Foundation is launching the ICT for Womanity collaborative network, a peer-to-peer group that connects existing “Tech for Gender” projects, that use these technologies to tackle VAW. This network will foster partnership and learning opportunities.

Through this virtual session, we hope to introduce some of the innovations in the field, encourage practitioners to join the movement. Together we are activating a collaborative group that will act a safe space to exchange information and knowledge. Our hope is for this network to collect, analyse and share data to assess the effectiveness of ICT solutions that address women’s safety.

Topics Violence against women, tech for change, prevention, womanity award

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Agenda Panel participants:

Servane Mouazan, The Womanity Foundation Ann Demarle, Champlain College Emergent Media Centre Nancy Glass, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Alex Hache, Tactical Tech Collective Hera Hussain, Chayn Jac Sm Kee, Association for Progressive Communications