Conversation, Coffee Chat at ARROW HQ Malaysia

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Title Conversation, Coffee Chat at ARROW HQ Malaysia
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2017/06/02
End 2017/06/02
Scale Regional
Geolocalization 3° 8' 19", 101° 41' 13"
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Organisation ARROW
Target audience Arrow Staff Members
Number of participants 10
Context and motivations The activity was a chat coffee chat session conducted by three participants at the GTI Asia as a report back for their colleagues at ARROW and to also provide any assistance to staff who would like to further explore digital security and privacy solutions.
Topics GTI, Security, Gender, gender vs tech
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Agenda The feedback focused on the following topics:
- How the internet works - we re-enacted the flow of sending emails, how
  the messages can be intercepted at the respective points and the need to
  encrypt our emails (especially in relation to sensitive messages).
  - From that session, we introduced some practical actions (& solutions)
  towards digital security - email encryption; KeyPass; using Signal & Tor
  browsers; exploring mobile safety apps etc.
  - We concluded with the sharing of the 8-day Data Detox Kit and
  encouraged staff to undertake the data detox 

Gendersec Hands On How the internet works
Feelings The three participants are willing to offer further support for their colleagues.