Digital Trainers Summit - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain

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Title Digital Trainers Summit - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security
Start 2015/03/01
End 2015/03/06
Scale Valencia, Spain
Geolocalization 39° 27' 30", -0° 20' 17"
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Organisation Tor Project, IREX and Internews

Target audience Digital Security Trainers
Number of participants 10
Context and motivations
Topics Training of trainers, Spain
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Agenda The summit will start with a public event where the col laboratory project Level-Up will be presented and you will have an opportunity to talk with the contributors of this digital security resource for trainers in smaller break out sessions, where there is an opportunity to ask questions, try things and learn more.

The rest of the Trainer Summit will be closed to participation only by digital security trainers.

For the remaining 3 days digital security trainers from all over the world will come together to share experiences and practices on training, talk about how to best train in specific regions and tools, hunt for bugs in tools with developers and strengthen a global network or trainers that in turn will strengthen the assistance we can provide to human rights defenders in every corner of the globe.

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Feedbacks You can read in the storytelling section three testimonials from women that participated to the DTS during the CTFː,_Spain,_Spain,_Spain

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