Digital security workshop - Les Degommeuses

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Title Digital security workshop - Les Degommeuses - in Montreuil / Paris
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2016/06/04
End 2016/06/04
Hours 3
Scale World level for international activities
Geolocalization 48° 51' 16", 2° 26' 8"
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Organisation Les Dégommeuses

Target audience LGBT refugees from various african countries : Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda,
Number of participants 12
Context and motivations "Les Dégommeuses" is a french NGO devoted to inclusive process threw women and sport, they invited a dozen of LGBT refugees from various african countries, one part of the project was to hold this workshop about digital security to increase the level of privacy and anonymity for those activists
Topics Digital security and privacy with a gender focus, feminist approaches to tech, alternative emails, Software Libre, mobile security, safe space, online identities,

Media LesdegommeusesDigitalSecurity.jpg
Agenda Program :
  • Issues about Security, Privacy, Anonymity
  • Mapping activities and risks
  • Draw your tech day
  • Ask yourself good questions
  • Secure your devices and data
  • What is Internet ?
  • How the data are circulating in the network
  • Reduce your digital shadow
  • Use emails in a safer way
  • Preserve your anonymity, circumvent censorship
  • Social network, safe space, online identities
  • Téléphone mobile / intelligent
  • Specific questions
  • Good practices, a synthesis
  • Identifying good resources
Methodologies Methods
  1. Sharing Issues about Security, Privacy, Anonymity
  2. Mapping activities and risks
  3. Understand when / where / how data are exchanged, stored
  4. Practical methods to reduce our digital shadow, increase our anonymity
Resources Good ressources
Gendersec Holistic security - A day in your life, Holistic security - Self care, Threat analysis - Information Mapping I
Feelings too short !
Feedbacks good
Start adjust the level of practical content, theoretical content, methodology aspects
Stop giving too much details on how internet works
Keep the mix between personal histories, anecdotes, facts at a world scale, and the content of the workshop by itself