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Title Edit a thon to reduce gender gap among wikipedia contributors
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2015/01/31
End 2015/01/31
Hours 8
Scale Mexico city
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Organisation Social TIC
Website http://socialtic.org/
Target audience wikipedia contributors
Number of participants 40
Context and motivations From every 10 wikipedia contributors only 1 is a woman. We decided to do something to change that! So we started a serie of 4 editathon-as where we started by documenting feminism movements in spanish, then the second was related to women missing in Wikipedia like: las patronas, las reinas chulas and some other women that need to be there. In this second we also did a digital security training with participants. The next two will be around important mexican artists (september) and a big one related to feminicides (november).
Topics Mexico, edit a thon, wikipedia, feminism
Links [[Links about the activity::Taller sobre cómo editar Wikipedia para las participantes de la Editatona: Feminismos


Wikipedia realiza una "maratón" de edición para achicar brechas de género en sus contenidos


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