F3mhack - Hacktona Feminista, Sao Paulo, Brasil

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Title #F3Mhack :: Hacktona Feminista
Category Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/05/23
End 2015/05/23
Hours 7
Scale Sao Paulo - Brazil
Geolocalization -23° 41' 5", -46° 34' 54"
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Organisation MariaLab

Escola de Ativismo

Website marialab.com.br


Target audience Urban women feminists
Number of participants 35
Context and motivations The cases of online harassment over women are increasing in Brazil and this has concern feminists that are using the internet to communicate, mobilize and articulate in their activities.

There was a recent case of a feminist journalist that got all her online personal information stoled and was being persecuted by harassers because she posted an article about how women were excluded from geek environments. She got her information stole from one employee of an Brazilian data broker. Other cases that corned these women were about abortion posts at Facebook that exposes some girls. In Brazil abortion is illegal and the current Senate is very conservative about it. At the same time that these feminists realize that they need to know more about Digital Security, their engagement to use and learn new tools is still very small. Many don't get involved because they think that these knowledges are to advanced or they can't understand how its affects them. Discussing with a small group we realize that this happens because we still don't have a proper feminist communication for DS. That is why we really thought it was essential to have the first meeting to introduce basic stuff about online privacy and start an oriented communication. The F3Mhack was great for that and we decided to do an event with these goals.

Topics Brazil, encription, digital data, riseup, secure browser, anonymity, feminists, online harassment
Links https://www.facebook.com/events/554448714695807/

https://f3mhack.org/index.php/hacktona-f3minista/ https://medium.com/@fershira/vamos-falar-sobre-a-revolu%C3%A7%C3%A3o-digital-feminista-62fc9e282aee

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Agenda Hackatona Feminista - 23/05/2015

13h - 16h OFICINA 1. Apresentação basica de segurança e de todas as ferramentas - 13h - 14h 2. Divisão em grupos por ferramentas específicas - 14h - 16h 1. Navegação segura - complementos para browser 1. criptografia de email 1. criptografia de arquivos 1. chat seguro 1. o que fazer com o celular

16h - 20h HACKDAY 1. Fala de abertura Privacidade: por que ela é importante? Explicar e expor a importância a segurança da informação, por que ela é uma aliada. Desvincular a ideia de que as ferramentas são chatas, difíceis e inacessíveis e enquadrá-las como importantes e legais. Mostrar como essas ferramentas contribuem para o cotidiano do nosso ativismo e nossa vida prática.

2. Espaço de criação de comunicação Objetivo: Desenvolver novas linguagens para aproximas mulheres e LGBTs de segurança da informação e privacidade. Despertar reflexões sobre narrativas eficazes para tratar do assunto. “Como você chamaria uma amiga para se envolver com SI?”

Estrura da discussão: 3 eixos - Por que SI é importante para você como indivíduo (privacidade, proteção dos dados pessoais)? - Por que SI é importante para você como mulher? - Porque SI é importante para seu grupo/coletivo?

Methodologies presentation and talking

role play to explain how internet works live demonstrations with Trackography graphic facilitation with drawing and discussion about women/ digital security and tech video registration of feminist's testimony

Resources riseup email

security in a box


Gendersec Security in the box, tem boi na linha
Feelings It was an intensive work to prepare, organize, mobilize and create content for the event, but certainly very rewarding a full on day, with all women interested in the subject until the end of the journey.

We had organize simultaneously workshops about learning encrypted chat and email, mobile security and secure browsing, and we expected that people would choose encryption tools, but instead the fullest room was secure browsing. We realize that the “encryption” word can scare some women, even if they feel safe about asking, they prefer study basic things.

The final discussion about how they felt online harassment and digital security was a bit difficult to start, because people were tired. The intention was to create a communication that could related things that we had introduced along the day with a feminist view. To relax we started to tell some personal histories around the issue, and the conversation got on fire. In the end happened an interesting conversation and we got some interesting communication lines: - My bits, my rules - Let's ovulate security Furthermore we want to create an emergency group to help feminists that are being harassed and more Femhacks events.

Feedbacks It was a great experience, I do think people want more of this.

We need to do another encounter.

Start Dedicate more time to make Femhack products delivered.
Stop Promoting feminist events that have male friends around. In this Femhack we had just women, and the mood of the event was totally diferent. We could feel the safe space we created.
Keep Talking in the groups of feminist and tech women about the issues and how we can get more secure.