FemH3ck - Round table Privacy and security in the Open IT Space, Serbia

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Title Privacy and security in the open IT space round table and workshop for the woman activists - Serbia
Start 2015/05/25
End 2015/05/25
Hours 6
Scale Europe, Serbia
Geolocalization 43° 19' 8", 21° 53' 42"
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Organisation Valentina Aleksandrovic, Chairwoman of the Association of the Woman Development Center, Nis, Serbia
Website https://rs.linkedin.com/pub/valentina-aleksandrović/19/59b/936
Target audience For woman activists and representatives of civil society organizations, as well for educated media representatives, including television, radio, newspapers, wire services. Also, for all those who watched the report on the roundtable and workshop on two regional TV stations in several news programs during the day, portals, special TV shows dedicated to the topic that was the subject of education, as well as readers of the local newspaper with a circulation of several thousand copies.
Number of participants 15
Context and motivations Since the observed large gaps in the knowledge of the area and the lack of real information about it, such an introductory approach is necessary. The knowledge and experience that I have as a participant GPS camp was able to convey using the capacities and resources of the organization that I represent do not meet the needs that are in the process open. A more comprehensive approach, which will be able to process information and education include a large number of interested individuals, organizations and representatives of institutions which is in the job description democratization of society and the protection of individual rights and the protection of human rights.

The inclusion of educated media representatives (including television, radio, newspapers, wire services) and the Ombudsman is necessary, to send information about the necessity of protecting the right to privacy of communication and storage of data, sent to as many addresses', that is, all the citizens who will be able to watch the show on a round table in the media, and institutions that have jurisdiction in the protection of the rights of individuals to privacy and the preservation of the same.

Topics •The term IT security

•Impact of the Internet and IT to privacy and security in communications the organization dealing with the protection of human rights with emphasis on their importance •Mechanisms and tools to achieve a higher level of security and privacy in communications on the Internet

Links Caution and knowledge protect against internet abuse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RmtiNcaX8g&feature=youtu.be

How to protect your own privacy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV0BpIx8IUw&feature=youtu.be

How safe are we on the Internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHxIr2DDVls

Privacy and security in IT space: http://www.juznasrbija.info/?view=lat&action=news&id=privatnost-i-sigurnost-u-it-prostoru&category=drustvo

Media Privacy and security in open IT space 6.jpg
Agenda The organization of the Round Table with the workshop took place in several phases:

-The First phase was the conclusion of a contract with the Media Centre Nis in order to provide space for holding events, and technical support. -The Second phase included the agreements with educational institutions dealing with education in the field of Information Technology 'IT Centre' and the Technical High School in Nis, in order to provide expert trainers on training and agree on topics that will be covered in the educational process, as well as ways their presentations to the participants and wider audiences. - The third phase involved the selection, calling and informing participants of the round table and workshops. -The Fourth phase has been informing and inviting the media to be actively involved in the work of the round table and workshops. - The fifth phase was the maintenance of the event with all the planned activities.

Meanwhile, in the performance of all of the above mentioned phases in the process of organizing the event is done visually designing, preparing for and printing of supporting educational and promotional materials, as well as procurement of workshop materials.

Agenda of the event:

ROUNDTABLE WITH WORKSHOP TO RAISING AWARENESS, UNDERSTANDING AND DEVELOPMENT OF PRIVACY AND DIGITAL SECURITY FOR WOMEN activists and representatives of civil society organizations to fight for human rights Media & Reform CENTER NIS, Obrenovićeva 38 Monday, May 25th, 2015.

– Introductory presentation on the concept of IT security and the press - Valentina Aleksandrovic, Chairwoman of the Association of Women's Development Center and participant of GPS Camp

-Impact of the Internet and IT technology on privacy and security in communication- Valentina Aleandrovic, Chairwoman of the Association of Women's Development Center and participant of GPS Camp Topics: Risk assessment What are the 'digital shadow' What is' Metadata Tracking Endangering other


Coffee brake

– Mechanisms and tools to achieve a greater level of security on the Internet –IT Education Center Nis –Miloš Perić, dipl. inž. elektronike – sistem inženjer u IT centru;Aleksandar Petrović – student Visoke tehničke škole u Nišu Topics: -Protection from malware and hackers -Data protection from physical threats -Creating safe access codes (paswords) -How to protect privacy in online communication - How to safely use smartphones

- Discussion

- Lunch 
Methodologies The methodology used in the educational process was the principle of 'open space' with an interactive discussion. Given that it was a mutual exchange of information and knowledge (principle of the round table) between the participants who spoke about the degree of lack of knowledge on topics that were the subject of education, and training on the basic skills of protection by educators, Power Point presentations that took place on multiple screens in the space in which the training took place, there were guidelines that led the discussion and a source of useful information for the participants of the workshop.
Resources The toolkits and resurces used in the educational process are as follows:

Power point presentation: Privacy and security in an open IT space, Valentina Aleksandrovic Power point presentation: Internet Safety, Msc. Milos Peric, IT Center Nis Power point presentation: Sophisticated tools for violation of data integrity of the wireless network, Aleksandar Petrovic, Higher Technical School of Professional Studies Nis

Gendersec Security in the box
Feelings It was extraordinary. I felt like a pioneer who started a completely new topic related to the conquest and preservation, women's human rights. Right to IT security and privacy.
Feedbacks Great interest of the participants and the desire for knowledge in these areas. Shown is a high degree of lack of education. When it comes Younger participants, they have a decent technical knowledge, but lack awareness of the risk and responsibility. As for themselves and for others. When it comes to older participants, among them was noticed ignorance ways of functioning of the Internet and the dangers that hide behind that, though they include it in their daily lives, both business as well as private.
Start I'll start looking for sources of funding for longer-term educational process in the field of IT security for women activists.
Stop I will not stop to learning.
Keep Within the existing capabilities will continue with education in the field of women's activism in the IT space, as my own, and beyond, as long as I can get.