Femhack- Encryption and digital security workshop for cis, trans and queer women, Bangalore

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Title femhack- encryption and digital security workshop for women
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2015/05/23
End 2015/05/23
Hours 8
Scale Bangalore, Karnataka
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Organisation nayantara
Target audience closed space for women (cis, trans, queer) activists, artists and students
Number of participants 10
Context and motivations To have a safe and closed space for women to discuss and address insecurities around computers and technology, being able to share useful secure communication practices and tools to organize around LGBTQ issues and use these tools strategically. Also to recognize that engagement with technology is political feminist issue and to gauge interest and capacity for events like this.
Topics feminist digital spaces, feminist approaches to technology, importance of privacy and digital security in lgbtq organizing
Links Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
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Feedbacks - interest in creating more safe spaces to discuss and learn: one repeated feedback was that for participants to truly open up, it helped (among other factors) to have a closed space for cis and trans women in creating a non-threatening, non-judgemental and empathetic space

- among the participants were university students running gender and sexuality support groups, who were interested in making available anonymysing tools and having access to literature on feminist approaches to technology

- explore having focused groups with different needs (eg. activists, students having small informal support groups, generally curious persons) perhaps gather on different days

Start - spread the call wider and earlier, make better use of networks

- follow up support so that it is not an isolated event but something participants can dig deeper into

Stop being apprehensive about how the event will be received!
Keep having many more cozy gatherings of women learn from each other :)