Gender and Technology Institute Asia, Start up Meeting, Colombo, Skri Lanka

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Title Gender and Technology Institute Asia - Start Up Meeting
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2017/01/26
End 2017/01/28
Scale Regional
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Organisation Tactical Tech
Target audience Experts in the field of Gender and Technology
Number of participants 12
Context and motivations The meeting brought 12 women experts from South and South East Asia to brainstorm regarding the upcoming Gender and Technology Institute in Asia.
Topics Gender and Tech
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Agenda The meeting took place over three days. During those days we worked with the participants on mapping out the key risks and threats in their respective countries, their needs as activists, WHRDs, journalists and lawyers. Beyond that we focused on what type of content, sessions and participants that should be a part of the Asian GTI.
Resources Tactical Tech's previous GTI curricula.
Feelings It was quite eye opening to see the commonalities in the risks and the threats across the region, even though the contexts maybe similar. The positive participation by the 12 experts has provided key feedback that will help shape the GTI.