One-to-one DigiSec trainings for activists, Argentina

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Title One-to-one DigiSec trainings for activists, Argentina
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/01/10
End 2015/06/10
Scale La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Geolocalization -34° 54' 13", -57° 53' 53"
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Organisation Intui
Target audience feminist, LGTBQIA and anti-patriarchal activists and journalists from different local organisations
Number of participants 15
Context and motivations To explain the motives for using opensource software

To help understand local and international policy around surveillance To conduct a personal risk assessment To get people using some of the digital security and activist tools which are most ueful to them

Topics encription, mobile security, surveillance, policy, safe documentation of events.
Links Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
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Agenda - Prior interview to understand the strategies and resources which are being used to organize or for documentation

- Conversation about the current state of policy around surveillance locally and internationally. What are the risks? How do they perceive the landscape?

- Run through a personal risk assessment.

- Run through tools available, which may be useful, which may be not practical, which are strategic on an individual level, and which on an organisational level.

- One on one installation and explanation of tools, with practice.

later ----------------

- Ongoing followup

Methodologies Mostly listening and being aware of local context and needs of each individual.
Resources Resources compiled from SIAB, EFF and Witness.
Gendersec Security in the box
Feelings Felt very good to talk through individuals existing methodologies, felt I learnt as much from them as I was able to transmt.
Feedbacks People were very open about the fact that they did not think too much about surveillance but it was clear to them that things were happening. Some of the tools seemed to be more useful than others in the follow up.
Start Focus on Text Secure and GPG/ autonomous mails, as they seem to be the tools with most continued usage.
Stop Being afraid to take the "teaching" or "expert" role. It does seem to help in some occasions, although it has definitely got limits .
Keep Keep researching autonomous servers, feminist online libraries and other feminist approaches to tech, such as "making your own sex toys" as these were issues that have been brought up as wanted workshops.