Panel , Identiti Terancam di Internet (Threatened Identities on the Internet), Malaysia

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Title Panel , Identiti Terancam di Internet (Threatened Identities on the Internet), Malaysia
Category Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2017/05/18
End 2017/05/18
Hours 2
Scale Country
Geolocalization 3° 8' 19", 101° 41' 13"
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Organisation Projek Dialog
Target audience Survivors of Online bullying
Number of participants 20
Context and motivations Does a 'global community' truly exist? If it does, is interaction between all layers of society fair and safe? Maybe you have heard of the terms 'safe space' and 'threatened identities'. Maybe you have been a victim of bullying and abuse in social media. Maybe you have also bullied people on the internet. Whatever it is, we have all witnessed all kinds of internet violence. The question is, how do we identify the different kinds of online abuse and overcome them? The speakers ended by summarising the different ways one can protect themselves in online spaces, ranging from gadget detox to removing online footprint.

This discussion was hosted by Projek Dialog with Shafiqah Othman, Pang Khee Teik, and Dr. Mohd Faizal Musa (Faisal Tehrani).

Faisal Tehrani, a scholar of Malay Studies, explained the notion of identity and the right to identity to everyone present. He also shed light on the plight of the Shiite community in Malaysia and how they were ostracized by Sunni Muslims.

Pang Khee Teik who is an LGBT activist talked about his experiences dealing with online bullying targeted towards the LGBT community. He unpacked the different types of power struggles in relationships, online and offline.

Shafiqah Othman gave her perspective on neurodiversity and why neuro-atypical people become victims of online bullying as well. She also gave tips on how to avoid getting yourself in a toxic situation online.

Adakah masyarakat global sebenarnya wujud? Kalau wujud, adakah interaksi dan komunikasi di antara semua lapisan masyarakat adil dan selamat? Mungkin anda pernah dengar terminologi "ruang selamat" dan "identiti terancam". Mungkin anda pernah menjadi mangsa buli dan penganiayaan di media sosial. Mungkin juga anda pernah membuli orang di internet. Bagaimanapun, kita semua pernah menyaksikan pelbagai jenis keganasan di internet. Persoalannya ialah, bagaimanakah nak mengenalpasti jenis penganiayaan dan mengatasi masalah ini?

Sertailah perbincangan anjuran Projek Dialog ini bersama Shafiqah Othman, Pang Khee Teik, dan Dr. Mohd Faizal Musa.

Topics Online Bullying, Online Harassment.
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Feelings The forum went well in that the discussion was robust and layered; each of the speakers brought a different dynamic and perspective to the issue of online bullying.