Panel Gender and Surveillance, Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain

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Title Women in Surveillance & Being Surveilled Roundtable
Category Privacy Advocacy Gender and Tech
Start 2015/03/06
End 2015/03/06
Hours 3
Scale World Regional area, Country and City if relevant
Geolocalization 39° 30' 15", -0° 21' 6"
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Organisation Person(s), organization(s)
Target audience persons interested in understanding how gender interacts with surveillance
Number of participants 30
Context and motivations The roundtable, "Women in Surveillance and Being Surveilled" will gather women speakers from Germany, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil and UK in order to talk about past, present and future issues concerning women in anti-surveillance and being surveilled--from their country context.

Definitions of surveillance considered will be wide (mass, targeted, by state and non-state actors, health systems, employers, intimate partners, organized crime groups, other groups and individuals).

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Agenda Some of the cases and initiatives presented during the panelː

Methodologies Roundtable and Q&A (2 hours)
  • Welcome, intros, and notes on key terms 'women' and 'surveillance'
  • Several short talks (10 mins each) considering three questions:

1. Is there historical story you'd like to highlight from your main country context on women being surveilled, or women working in anti-surveillance? 2. What do you see as the main issues now for women in anti-surveillance from your context? 3. Where do you see things heading for women in your context in the coming couple of years?

  • Quick reflections from speakers: What struck you listening to others?

(15 mins)

  • Q&A from audience (15-20 mins)

Part II: Workshop and next steps After a short break, we'll come back for small group work and plenary discussion. During this workshop portion of the event, I'd love it if each speakers would facilitate a small discussion group of participants (4-6 people max each) to talk about issues and document key discussion points. Overarching questions for the small group work can be:

How can this issue be improved vis-a-vis women in anti-surveillance? Who can help?

  • context analysis
  • digital security usability research
  • feminist technologist expertise
  • activist network building
  • media outreach and popular engagement
  • policy research