Privacy awareness talks, Argentina

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Title Talks on privacy awareness, Buenos Aires
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/05/05
End 2015/05/19
Scale Argentina
Geolocalization -34° 37' 7", -65° 33' 59"
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Organisation Hollaback
Target audience For members of the organisation
Number of participants 10
Context and motivations 3 talks on privacy awareness, digital security and gender and tech, and presentation of Security In A Box
Topics Privacy advocacy, Digital Security Tools, Gender and Tech, Argentina, Spanish
Links Internal training only.
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Feelings It was a lot of hard work, everything is very new, but also very good and exciting.
Feedbacks One of the main feedbacks was how we see technology as an obstacle rather than as a tool, and how to start changing that.
Start Start using some basic security tools for every day communication... Text Secure, Thunderbird with GPG, think about creating a learning space to share resources.
Stop Whatsapp for organisation.
Keep Being critically aware and practical about survivor anonymity, and continuing to practice self-care (against burn out).