Seguridad digial para defensores de derechos humanos en contextos mineros 3

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Title Participation in the Program to strengthen and train on secure communication within the mining corredor
Category Digital Security
Start 2018/05/24
End 2018/05/25
Hours 18
Scale Regional
Geolocalization -12° 51' 54", -74° 42' 24"
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Organisation Cooperaccion
Target audience popular communicators
Number of participants 14
Context and motivations This training was realized within the context of a program which contained a training aimed at strengthening "digital communication and social networks". The organization that facilitated the participation was Cooperacción, an NGO that develops two progamms: the program for collective rights and extractive industries and the program for costal development.
Topics digital security tools for communicators
Media [[File:]]
Agenda Considering the activities planned for the training it was possible to introduce relevant topics related to privacy, exposing data and protecting sensitive information when using social networks, e-mail and cloud services.

It was also possible to show alternative tools like e-mails with ethical servers, websites to share documents through ethical servers, wire for cellphones with its desktop version, general security configuration for cellphones and Osmand was used for cartographic use.

Methodologies ADIDS
Resources [[Existing toolkits and resources::From the training part of My shadow [1]the following material was:

How Mobile Communication Works How the Internet works Mobile Communication Mobile Phone Settings (Hands-on) Additionally we used the following websites.]]