Talk, Training to privacy advocacy and digital security from a gender perspective, IFF, Valencia, Spain

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Title Training to privacy advocacy and digital security from a gender perspective
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2016/03/06
End 2016/03/06
Hours 1
Geolocalization 39° 28' 11", -0° 22' 35"
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Organisation Tactical Technology Collective
Target audience Trainers on digital security, privacy advocates, whrd, journalists, floss developers
Number of participants 20
Context and motivations Since 2014, Tactical Technology Collective has engaged directly with Women Human Rights Defenders, women net activists and their allies in order to face a global trend of using ICT for controlling and shutting down women voices and opinions through online harassment and gender-based violence launched by governments and non state actors.

The project was designed in the long term to increase our target groups' resilience and their capacity to develop their own mitigation strategies by shifting expertise to the community itself. In a multi-faceted approach the project has directly strengthened their capacities to firstly improve their own response to restrictions to freedom of expression and freedom of opinion and secondly enable them to improve the capacity within their own communities. Our research and experience shows that only project activities that are embedded in and owned by the communities take hold and stand a chance of succeeding in the long run. This project is a practical response to demand on the ground and is based upon Tactical Tech's theory of change and its 'do not harm' approach which puts the safety and wellbeing of target groups and the specific communities they represent at the centre of all activities.

Topics gender, social justice, equity, internet, access, gender based online violence, privacy, digital security
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Agenda In this session, we will begin by presenting which have been the main learning outcomes gained during the project which are divided between conceptual learning and good practices for including gender into training activities. We will then present the overall research design of the project, presenting key concepts, defining the scope, research questions and the methodological approach followed for its implementation. And finally, we will highlight in particular the key achievements and outcomes in relation to individual trajectories but also collective actions achieved on the ground and how to develop impact assessment methodologies that are embedded in the whole process.

We will then discuss the experiences of the people in the room in relation to their work and needs for including gender into their respective fields of action, this will enable to map privacy and digital security related projects which are trying to include gender in their work and it will enable to foreseen possible synergies and partnerships among them.

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