Talk Magic trick: how to make the women disappear, Transmit Festival, Praha

From Gender and Tech Resources

Title Magic trick: how to make the women disappear
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2015/10/15
End 2015/10/15
Hours 1
Scale Praha
Geolocalization 50° 0' 51", 14° 47' 58"
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Organisation TRANSMIT is an educational platform for digital culture, art and technology of the SIGNAL Festival. It brings remarkable community of artists, coders, designers, makers, thinkers, researchers, curators, inventors, producers and other professionals from around the world to Prague in order to provide unique opportunity to share knowledge, experience and ideas.
Target audience Participants to the festival
Number of participants 20
Context and motivations
Topics feminism, gender and technology, online harassment
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Agenda In a time of shiny interfaces behind which things happen as if by magic – taxis arrive, groceries get delivered, love is found – there are acts of disappearance as well: women disappear from within the system they inhabit. This talk will uncover some of these magic tricks. In the context of Tactical Tech’s work on digital security and privacy, the talk will show how women’s experiences of online harm, violence and discrimination are made to disappear, and the efforts we’re making to help them reappear.
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