Workshop: Health, sexuality, algorithms and data

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Title Health, Sexuality, Algorithms and data
Start 2016/09/13
End 2017/01/14
Hours 13-17h
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Scale Local level
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Organisation Coding Rights/ Tactical Tech/ Latin American Center for Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM)/ Institute of Social Medicine (UERJ)
Target audience Graduate researchers of the social medicine program at Rio de Janeiro's State University (UERJ)
Number of participants 30
Context and motivations Context: First class of a semester course named "Researching in and with the Internet", offered by the graduate program of social medicine at UERJ.

Motivation: Bring in concepts such as privacy, surveillance, big data, data capitalism to be discussed with researchers who are looking at social and economic issues that impact access to health, public services, sexuality and human rights.

Description: Big Data, quantification, data society. We have to start figuring out what these terms mean. They mark an important change on how the internet works and affects everybody who uses it. Internet today works with a new business model, in which every click, like, share, and even how long the cursor of your mouse spends, is converted in value. Data technologies are capable of extracting information and value of every action, including information about our bodies, intimate thoughts, feelings and relationships. The massive use and processing of data, or Big Data, forces s to think about the meaning of privacy in different contexts.

CLAM/IMS-UERJ, in collaboration with Coding Rights and Tactical Tech Collective, will host an introductory workshop on how these technologies and databases relate to gender and sexuality issues.

In the workshop, we will discuss how data technologies work, how they track information, what kind of personal data is collected by health apps such as period and fertility trackers.

The workshop is open to the participation of researchers, activists and general public.

Topics Data Privacy, Quantification, Big Data, Sexuality, Health, Data Capitalism
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Agenda Introduction:

- Big Data - Algorithms/machine learning - Data capitalism

Activity I: - Each participant would draw on a sheet of paper the equipments and services they used everyday - Discussion about apps and serivces business models

Activity II: - How to analyze apps? Break up in groups to analyze different health apps (like sick weather, periodtrackers, pregnancy/baby apps, sports apps etc) - Share analysis between groups

Wrap up

Methodologies Activity two was inspired in 'adapted applications scoring system'
Gendersec Threat analysis - Information Mapping I, Threat analysis - Information Mapping II
Feelings Rich environment , great experience of reaching out to groups not previously involved in digital security/privacy debate
Feedbacks Extremely positive