• What was the purpose of this page?
  • Media Liberation Front Feminism aka MLFF was a mobile media platform which participated in demonstrations, and organized a street rally in collaboration with various artists, feminist and legal activists. The motivation was the development of a media tool designed by feminists and accessible to everyone as a media support during actions. It was equipped with: -a megaphone and a wireless microphone -FM transmitter for radio broadcasting -a laptop for interviews and online audio streaming -a printer for flyers, pickets and posters -a motor battery to fuel all above props.

  • Who were the people or collectives that develop it and kept it online?
  • Among the collaborators were Platanenweg, Empros Theater, Fylo sykis, Color Youth, Lawyers for immigrant rights.

  • How long were they active?
  • The project was active between 2011 and 2013, and started in the Netherlands and ended in Greece.

  • Why was it taken down?
  • was the the project's archive with images, sounds and text collected during the actions it was involved with. The site was hosted in a virtual machine by an acquaintance in US, who was not able to donate the space any longer.

  • Does it have the potential to com back to life again?
  • For the moment, there is no plans to re-activate the project, but all the equipment still exists and is stored, so who knows what the future will bring. Perhaps mlff will move from anarcha's nekrocemetery archive to a zombie reborn.

an act of honouring, memorizing, inspiring legacy.