An archive of feminist websites with zombie potential

"Here Marie Laveau and the Zombie snake, guardians of the Anarchaserver nekrocementery."

In this sacred space we honor the memory of some feminist websites and media. This nekrocemetery is an archive of static copies of these websites. They are like a snapshot of when they were "alive", when they were available online. We extract a static copy for reasons of weight, but also for security reasons.

Spanish translation
They are dead data

Static copies no longer contain dynamic elements such as videos linked from portals, or certain programming languages such as flash or java. In these static copies of themselves, once they are removed from their original host and life, by archiving them, their memory becomes somehow smoother and more synthetic, the contents, forms and colors remain but the interactions and movements, their behaviours are no longer present.

These pages were at risk of being closed, or have already been closed, for various reasons, and not always because they were no longer spaces of possibility, affiliations or legacy, but because sometimes their validity over time has expired (like when you make a page for an event and then that one has already passed but you still want to remember it), sometimes because the partners who keep it together no longer agree among themselves, other times because their current guardian is not reliable, other times because there are no longer reasons to keep it, other times because the collective has disappeared.


In this nekorcemetery, we remember and state an obituary for these pages.

An obituary is a commentary on a news item about a person who has recently died. The obituary attempts to give an account of the context, public significance and meaning of the life of the newly deceased.

We make sure that each page has its own necrology

  • What was the intention of the website?
  • Who were the people or collectives who kept them online by maintaining, visiting or contributing to them?
  • How long were they active?
  • Why were they removed?
  • Do they have potential to come back to life?

Obituary Obituary for Obituary for

They are zombies.

If someone still has an integral copy of the website and its database and is happy to give it to others or group who wants to re-connect it to a hosting and take care of its maintenance, we consider that the website has zombie potential. Anarchaserver will put you in contact with someone that has shown interest for bringing your website back to life. We will only put you in contact, we will not try to mediate in these zombie processes as bringing back to life is a complex task. The ethical-political issues should be discussed between the parties involved in that process.

A zombie refers in general terms to an entity that, in one way or another, can resurrect or come back to life. The concept of zombie finds its origins in a legendary figure typical of the voodoo cult.
In memoriam

In any case, the fact that an effort has been made to archive these pages here already means that there is a special affection or dedication to them. Enough to re-create them in this archival space, hoping that their contents and forms will arouse new ideas, perceptions and passions in the entities (human or bots) that will visit them in the future.

an act of honouring, memorizing, inspiring legacy.

Send an email to anarchaserver at autistiche dot org with the subject