• What was the purpose of that page?
  • To document in a didactic and introductory way the concepts of feminist autonomous networks investigated during the project.

  • Who were the people or groups that thought up and kept them online?
  • A partnership between 4 activists: Carl and Fer (Marialab/Vedetas), Geisa (Periféricas) and Nadege (Kefir). The project was supported by AWID in the year 2017 and the first investigations of this topic started during the 13th International AWID Forum held in 2016 in Bahia, Brazil.

  • How long were they active?
  • 2 years.

  • Why were they removed?
  • Domain and maintenance costs, with the end of the project each member followed their own feminist infrastructure projects.

  • Do they have the potential to live again?
  • Maybe with a content revision.

an act of honouring, memorizing, inspiring legacy.