Geek Feminism is an umbrella term for a range of activities and efforts around women in geek communities which are explicitly feminist.


Geek Feminism is about women in a range of geeky cultures/communities/activities including (but not limited to) the Technology industry, Science Fiction fandom, etc. (For a list of communities we cover so far, see Category:Communities.)


Geek Feminism is explicitly feminist. Many "Women in X" groups do not state this up front, but we do.

That said, there are a many different styles of feminism, and we don't espouse any particular one. So far we've seen strands of radical, liberal, post-colonial, intersectional, and transfeminism at the very least!

Anyone who considers themselves feminist, or is interested in feminism, is welcome to join us. (One small caveat, though: you might want to read up on Feminism 101 first, because we do tend to assume you already know most of that stuff.)


A community using the name "Geek Feminism" (initial capitals) or GF has formed around two projects, both founded by Skud: this wiki, and the Geek Feminism blog, and related online and offline gatherings. Not all self-identified geek feminists are associated with the blog or the wiki or necessarily support them.


Main article: Geek Feminism Wiki (project)

The wiki's content falls broadly into three categories:


Main article: Geek Feminism blog

The blog describes[1] its focus as:

  1. geeky discussion about feminism
  2. feminist discussion about geekdom
  3. geek feminist discussion about other things


Geek Feminists also meet socially online and offline. (Eg. meetups at conferences.)

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