Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya

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Title Digital security and Advocacy training for the Association of Media Women in Kenya
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/08/01
End 2015/08/15
Scale Africa , Kenya, Nairobi
Geolocalization -1° 19' 27", 36° 50' 52"
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Organisation Roshani Consultancy Services
Target audience Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) members
Number of participants 9
Context and motivations When the femh3ck flash training in Nairobi came to an end, one of the participants who was from AMWIK approached Mary Kiio of Roshani Consultancy Services and requested if the company would consider training their members as the issues highlighted were very pertinent to what women go through in the country. The potential of media being more informed on cyber threats especially women would hopefully translate to various media platforms being utilized to reach more women across the country

A few days later an email from the secretariat of AMWIK inquiring on if we could share on the outcomes of the femh3ck training and a request on if we can engage in other similar activities and/or platforms, lead to the discussion of holding a three day training for its members over the month of August on Saturdays for three consecutive weekends.

Though both companies did not have any funding for the training , there was an agreement that Roshani Consultancy Services would avail facilitators who would be willing to share information with no pay.AMWIK on the other hand committed to identify participants who are willing to attend training with the aim of being the future trainers. AMWIK also provided office space, Internet connection, workshop materials and snacks.

It was the willing participants who shared their training needs via a pre training questionnaire that resonated with the theme of the training that provided the highest motivation of the training.

Topics Training of Trainers, Digital security, Data mining and visualization, Privacy Advocacy, Kenya, 2015
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Agenda Day 1

1st August 2015

Morning Session

Introductions and Overview of the workshop

Cyber Security : Importance of Internet, KICTANET report and Advocac, Government Censorship and Emerging trends -Naomi Kamau (sharing from personal experience and research)

Afternoon Session

Digital Security :Tools (part 1)-Yvonne Oluoch

Day 2

8th August 2015

Morning session and part of Afternoon session

Data Mining, Data Visualization and Tips on Security Online: Steven Kinuthia

Latter Afternoon Session

Digital Security: Information Security and data protection (Part 2)-Yvonne Oluoch

Day 3

15th August 2015

Whole day

Privacy Advocacy: Women and Tech Violence in Kenya, National Laws in Kenya, Advocacy for AMWIK :Mary Kiio

NB: Daily feedback was given at the end of the session capturing what worked well, what didn't , what could have been done better.

The # for the training on Twitter was #Digitalk_womensafety

Joyce Nyaruai, the Programmes Officer of AMWIK not only attended the training, took most of the pictures during sessions but also ensured the smooth running of operations at the office.

Mary Kiio of Roshani Consultancy was available during the sessions to ensure smooth flow of presentations from one trainer to another while providing training tips at opportune moments

Methodologies Power point presentations, practical online sessions, group discussions, presentations, spectrogram exercises
Resources The Kenya ICT Network (KICTANET) 2013 report on Women and Cyber Crime in Kenya, tactical tech online tool kits , Google tips, Maji Data, UN Data,World Bank Data, Kenya Open data, infogram, Google fusion tables.

Other presentations developed for the training can be viewed hereː On digital security basicsː

On digital security toolsː

On policies on Violence Against Womenː

Gendersec ono, Association for Progressive Communications and International Association of Women in Radio and Television- Kenya chapter training materials of workshops held in Kenya
Feelings How was it ? It was great. I woke up earlier than normal work days to ensure I was there with the participants as they were a committed, had lots of questions and reflections. They were also very resourceful in sharing examples of homegrown solutions to the challenges addressed during the sessions. The day would end too soon not only for the trainers but also the participants.
Feedbacks What were the impressions ? The participants found the sessions useful not only in their professional lives but also in their personal and academic life. The sessions were structured to be as responsive to the developing needs of the participants and there was open interaction towards finding practical solutions even beyond the training days. One participant remarked- " It is like I attended a full course."

At the end of the training participants committed to being part of the driving force at the association on matters tech, gender, security and advocacy.

Start What will you start doing ? Incorporating participants who have attended any trainings I have been involved in, when conducting future trainings on digital security and advocacy to provide a platform for them to enhance their skills
Stop What will you stop doing ? feeling limited when no funding for trainings are available.
Keep What will you keep doing ? Seeking out for more creative ways of sharing knowledge, working with other like minded individuals and looking for forums to keep the information I have in tandem with emerging trends.